WSJ: Military Leaders Warn U.S.-China Divide Threatens to Bring Down “Iron Curtain” in Asia



  • 美國國防部長奧斯汀(Lloyd Austin)和中國國防部長李尚福只進行了有限的互動,並沒有直接對話。
  • 近期,當中國驅逐艦在台灣海峽對一艘美國船隻進行危險攔截行動時,他們就缺乏溝通並互相指責。
  • 中國拒絕在香格里拉對話會上與美國官員會面,並表示只有在美國取消對李尚福的制裁後才會與其會面。
  • 中國甚至指責美國在亞太地區的存在擾亂了地區和平,要求美國在穩定關係方面應該要表現誠意。
  • 中國官員經常挑戰那些支持西方主導的軍事機構的發言人。


  • 新加坡國防部長黃永宏希望無論如何,正式和非正式的溝通渠道都可以得到保障,以緩解緊張局勢並避免衝突,畢竟這是唯一的選擇。
  • 澳大利亞總理艾班尼斯呼籲印太國家應建立更多的溝通渠道,以保障和平與穩定的界線。
  • 雖然奧斯汀和李尚福沒有會面,但這並不是災難性的消息,因為其他官員仍然會在中美之間來回巡迴會面。
  • 亞太國家在平衡自己與美國和中國關係過程中面臨困難,但大多數國家都希望保持中立或同時加強與兩國的聯繫。
  • 太平洋島國小國指責中美關係惡化導致兩強之間缺乏合作來解決對太平洋島國構成生存威脅的全球問題。
  • 大多數國家其實都了解大國衝突的後果可能會導致修昔底德陷阱,但他們樂觀地認為美國和中國可以通過偉大的政治家精神避免這種情況。

Amid rising tensions, the US and China still refuse to talk. Asia-Pacific defense officials worry the tension will escalate into a new Cold War and urge both sides to talk more to avoid direct conflict.

Intolerance from both the US and China

  • The US Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, and Chinese Defense Minister, Li Shangfu, only has limited interactions without speaking to each other.
  • They traded barbs over the lack of communication, especially when a Chinese destroyer recently attempted a dangerous interception on a US ship in the Taiwan Strait.
  • China declined to meet with the US officials in the Shangri-La Dialogue and iterated that meetings could only happen after the US lifted sanctions against Li.
  • China even accuses the US presence in the Asia-Pacific disturbs regional peace. China even asks the US to be sincere in stabilizing relations.
  • Chinese officials often challenge speakers that support Western-led military institutions.

Worried Asia-Pacific Countries

  • Singapore's Defense Minister Ng hopes formal and informal communication channels are always available to de-escalate tensions and avoid conflict, as they are the only option.
  • Australian Prime Minister Albanese asks Indo-Pacific countries to establish more communication channels as guardrails that ensure peace and stability.
  • Although Austin and Li did not meet, it was not disastrous because other officials still met and traveled between China and the US.
  • Asia-Pacific countries struggle to balance their relations between the US and China and prefer to stay neutral or deepen their connection with both.
  • Small Pacific Island countries blamed the bitter US-China relations leading to a lack of cooperation to solve global issues that pose existential threats to Pacific Island states.
  • Most countries understand the consequences of great power conflict may lead to the Thucydides Trap, but are optimistic that the US and China can avoid it with great statesmanship.