About Taipei Forum
The Taipei Forum is a non-partisan, non-profit policy think-tank based in Taipei, Taiwan. It was founded by Ambassador C.J. Chen in 1993, and was reorganized in 2011, with Professor Su Chi serving as its new chairman. Its mission is to advance four goals:
  • Serve as a platform for rational and cross-partisan discussions on Taiwan’s security, economy, cross-strait and international relations;
  • Conduct vigorous independent research and, based on the research, provide practical policy recommendations;
  • Serve as a platform for intellectual exchanges with U.S., East and South East Asian, and European scholars and experts.
  • Promotes a meeting of minds between Taiwan, China, and other countries through internship and fellowship programs.
security, economy
international RELATIONS
with U.S., East
AND South East Asian
Taipei Forum’s operations are governed by the 15-member Board of Directors, a nationally prominent group of leaders from business, academia, politics, and non-governmental organizations with long-term interests in China and the Asia-Pacific in general. The Board meets twice a year. Chairman Su now serves also as the CEO.

Taipei Forum’s operational expenses are to be financed by donations from corporations, foundations, and individuals domiciled in Taiwan or other countries. It does not accept funding from governments or political parties.
Board Of Directors
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  Name Title Current Position
1 Su Chi Chairman Chairman of Taipei Forum Foundation
2 Fredrick F. Chien Standing Director Chairman of Cathay Charity Foundation
3 Chien-Jen Chen Standing Director Founder of Taipei Forum Foundation
4 Chi-Chang Hong Standing Director Chairman of Taiwan Economy & Industry Association
5 Charles H. C. KAO Director Chairman of Global Views-Commonwealth Publishing Group
6 Chin-Yi Chiu Director Retired Ambassador
7 Paul P. Wang Director Chairman of Sercomm Corporation
8 Richard Bush Director Nonresident senior fellow in the Center for East Asia Policy (CEAP) Studies at Brookings
9 Benny T. Hu Director Chairman of Senhwa Biosciences, Inc.
10 De-sheng Tsai Director Chief Consultant of Taiwan Federation of Commerce
11 Jeffrey David Schwartz Director Chairman of Four Star Group Inc.
12 Mark Liu Director Chairman of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC)
13 Yun-Han Chu Director Academician of Academia Sinica
President of the Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation
14 Richard M. Tsai Director Chairman of Fubon Financial Holding Co., Ltd.
15 Richard Jui-Chen Ma Director Chairman of Taiwan Happy Life Association
Adjunct Professor, Department of Quantitative Finance, National Tsing Hua University